Applying patches is a critical part of good security. According to US-CERT, about 95% of all network intrusions could have been avoided by keeping systems up to date with appropriate patches. If you never patch, you are leaving your system open to a decade of malware.

However, patching of live control systems has a lot of risks. As well, control systems can not support the onslaught of product patches common in IT. The IT world’s strategy of continuous patching simply does not work for the ICS world.

This section explores the challenges of designing and deploying patches for security flaws on control system products like DCS, PLCs and RTUs. There is also guidance on the use of compensating control-based solutions for security vulnerabilities in the world of automation and control. Tofino Security beleives that a combined approach of scheduled patching supported by rapid deployment of compensating controls will allow companies to reliably secure their control systems.

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