7 Steps to ICS and SCADA Security

Cyber security threats, from sophisticated malware like Stuxnet, Night Dragon and Duqu, or from the publishing of an unprecedented number of security vulnerabilities, are causing a major disruption in the industrial automation market.

If you are a process control engineer, an IT professional in a company with an automation division, or a business manager responsible for safety or security, you may be wondering how your organization can get moving on more robust cyber security practices. 

Two industry veterans, Eric Byres and John Cusimano, combine industry standards, best practice materials, and their real-world experience to provide an easy-to-follow 7-step process for improved ICS and SCADA security.


Eric Byres, CTO and VP Engineering, Tofino Security, Belden Inc.
John Cusimano, Director of Security, exida Consulting LLC

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White Paper - "7 Steps to ICS and SCADA Security"


Download this White Paper and find out:

  • The 7 Steps to start improving your organization’s cyber security posture
  • Tips for optimizing your spending and resource allocation on cyber security
  • Real-world advice from security experts Eric Byres and John Cusimano

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