High Security Integration Using OPC

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OPC Classic, the popular industrial integration standard based on DCOM, has made the interfacing of different industrial control products significantly easy. Unfortunately, it also brought with it a number of serious security concerns for the designers of control, SCADA and safety systems.

This White Paper looks at these issues and reviews the solutions proposed over the past decade from researchers and academics. It looks at new technologies in advanced firewall port management and embedded OPC servers that offer true defense-in-depth and read-only security for better reliability and security of all control systems, but especially for safety integrated systems.

Downloadable PDF Data sheet for the Modbus TCP Enforcer - describes features and benefits for modbus security Triconex High Security Integration Using OPC - White Paper (629kb)


Joe Scalia, Portfolio Architect, Invensys Operations Management
Eric Byres, Security Expert and Technical Officer, Byres Security

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