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Minimize Downtime to Maximize Your Reliability and Safety

Anyone working with SCADA or industrial control systems (ICS) in the Oil and Gas industry is aware of the pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs through network integration. Similarly, the demand for remote support has made many control systems accessible via remote access technologies.

At the same time, control systems themselves have changed radically. Proprietary networks have been replaced with equipment using Ethernet technology. Single-purpose operator stations have been replaced with computers running Windows™, and IT software such as PDF readers and web browsers is installed in every station or control center.

These new technologies are enabling companies to implement agile, cost-effective business practices. They also come at a cost—many of the same security vulnerabilities that have plagued business systems now appear in ICS and SCADA systems. Oil and gas control systems are now exposed to cyber-security threats they were never designed for.

Tofino Security helps companies achieve the high level of security, safety, and reliability needed in the O&G industry. Its products focus on minimizing unintended shutdowns while ensuring safe operations. Tofino Security’s “Defense in Depth” network architecture, in accordance with ISA/IEC-62443 Standards and the Department of Homeland Security guidelines, safely isolates mission critical systems so that only the network messages for safe operations are allowed. And Tofino offers hardware that is designed for the rigors of the refinery and offshore platforms, with ATEX and Class I Div2 certifications, extended temperature ranges, and conformal coatings. Plus it is a solution that is simple for operations and maintenance staff to install and operate—special IT training is not required.

The Tofino Industrial Security Solution enables you to design a truly secure control system for O&G operations.


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