Critical infrastructure is a primary cybercriminal target

A report based on an analysis processed in 2009 by the ScanSafe Threat Center on behalf of the company's corporate customers in more than 100 countries reflecting cyberattack trends world-wide.

Help Net Security - Feb 11, 2010

This research reflects a disturbing trend – organizations that harness the most valuable intellectual data are encountering Web malware with much greater frequency than other verticals. Most at risk are:

  1. Energy & Oil with a 356% greater rate of direct encounters with data theft Trojans
  2. Pharmaceutical & Chemical with a 322% greater rate
  3. Government with a 252% greater rate
  4. Banking & Finance with a 204% greater rate

"There is a misconception that cybercriminals are only intent on stealing data intended for credit card fraud and identity theft. In reality, cybercriminals are casting a much wider net," said Mary Landesman, senior security researcher at ScanSafe. "Consumer credit card details are child's play compared to the value of infrastructure and intellectual data from these sensitive verticals. The message is clear – cyberwar is already here. The Web is the battlefield and the enterprise is on the frontlines."

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