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Industrial security and SCADA control system security incidents.

Utilize open standards to protect control system networks

As enterprise and control networks continue the trend toward tighter integration, cyber security on both sides must improve. TNC, from the Trusted Computing Group, offers an innovative solution.  This article describes how the Tofino Industrial Security Solution would be used with MAP technology to manage network access and protection for legacy SCADA and control devices.....

Experts warn of catastrophe from cyber attacks

Computer-based network attacks are slowly bleeding U.S. businesses of revenue and market advantage, while the government faces the prospect of losing in an all-out cyber war, experts told Senators in a hearing on Tuesday.

Security expert: USA would lose cyberwar

The U.S. government, if confronted in a cyberwar today, would not come out on top, a former U.S. director of national intelligence said Tuesday.

Critical infrastructure is a primary cybercriminal target

A report based on an analysis processed in 2009 by the ScanSafe Threat Center on behalf of the company's corporate customers in more than 100 countries reflecting cyberattack trends world-wide.

Fearing hackers who leave no trace

An article by the New York Times highlighting countries and particular attack venues via software for 2010.  Also outlined are concerns and fears from some of the world's most prominent software and hardware manufacturers.

Byres Security announces Tofino Argon product series

Press coverage following the Tofino Argon product series announcement.

No rules: Internet security a Hobbesian "state of nature"

A new report on international cybersecurity argues that the Internet is a Hobbesian "state of nature" where anything goes, where even government attacks maintain "plausible deniability," and where 80 percent of industrial control software is hooked into an IP network.

Critical infrastructures under constant attack

A new report on critical infrastructure attacks that outlines potential countries, possible methods and targets for hackers.

US oil industry hit by cyberattacks: Was China involved?

Article from:, January 2010

At least three US oil companies were the target of a series of cyber attacks that may have originated in China. Experts say the level of sophistication in the growing global war of Internet espionage is increasing.

Energy set to form new group to protect electric grid from cyberattacks

A public-private group the Energy Department is forming to better secure the nation's electric grid from cyberattacks must be given strong regulatory and budgetary authority to drive sweeping changes to computer networks, security specialists said.

Brazil's National System Operator hacked

Brazil's National System Operator has confirmed on the afternoon of Monday, November 16, 2009, its corporate network was hacked...

Belden releases new EAGLE Tofino line of Plug-n-Protect™ industrial security products

Summaries and links to media articles about Belden‘s Hirschmann Automation division releasing the new EAGLE Tofino product line....

New Tofino® Event Logger module reliably records SCADA security events and alarms

Summaries and links to media articles about the release of Tofino Security's latest industrial security product, Tofino Event Logger LSM...

Hidden vulnerabilities in SCADA and critical infrastructure systems

Most IT professionals are pretty confident that they know what applications and operating systems are running on their desktops and servers. Unfortunately, the same doesn't hold true for the control systems running the World's critical national infrastructures.

Web Warriors

A one-hour documentary that offers an unprecedented glimpse into the world's newest and most vulnerable frontier: cyberspace. We enter the world of hackers like Mafia Boy - a 15 year old high school student who rose to infamy in 2000 by causing millions of dollars in damage after single-handedly shutting down internet giants - including Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Dell, eTrade, and CNN.

Web Warriors premiered on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. on November 20 2008, and features interviews with Eric Byres and other prominent security experts. The entire video can be viewed online by following this link to the CBC web site.

Eric Byres: Digital Bond podcast, December 2009

Digital Bond poses these two questions to Eric Byres, CTO of Tofino Security: What was the most interesting control system security story of 2008?; and: What is your prediction for 2009?

The US electrical grid: how big of a target is it? 

A follow-up to the article on the electrical grid, examining the topic of cyber vulnerabilities in more depth.

Hot or not: SCADA security is hot 

For anyone who attended the SANS 2009 SCADA and Process Control Summit recently, it became clear that the convergence of IT security and physical security is accelerating.

New military command to focus on cybersecurity

The Obama administration plans to create a new military command to coordinate the defense of Pentagon computer networks and improve U.S. offensive capabilities in cyberwarfare, according to current and former officials familiar with the plans.

'Sinister' Integral Energy virus outbreak a threat to power grid

A virus outbreak is wreaking havoc with Integral Energy's computer network, forcing it to rebuild all 1000 of its desktop computers before the "particularly sinister" bug spreads to the machines controlling the power grid....


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