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Industrial security and SCADA control system security incidents.

Security breakthrough for OPC-based industrial automation

News coverage following the release of the Tofino OPC Enforcer.

Belden releases new Plug-n-Protect OPC firewall to provide robust cyber security for automation facilities

Belden has recently introduced version 1.6.0 of its Hirschmann™ EAGLE20 Tofino industrial network security system, including the new EAGLE20 Tofino OPC Enforcer Loadable Software Module (LSM). Developed by Tofino Security for Hirschmann™, the OPC Enforcer locks down any system using the widely installed OPC Classic protocol, providing superior security over what can be achieved with conventional firewall solutions.

Flash drive launches cyber-attack

At the beginning of the year I hosted a podcast interview on cyber security with Eric Byres, chief technology officer of Tofino Security. The interview was conducted to help our audience understand the risks of cyber attacks and learn how to mitigate them.

Control networks are too open to cyber attacks

Most automation specialists are shocked to find out how much traffic is on their production control networks. Find out how installing the latest technology and adopting tighter policies for securing production networks can help to protect the integrity of critical control, safety, and regulatory data and processes.

What do you use OPC for? How does your company use OPC in its operations?

An article written by Eric Byres - Chief Technology Officer at Tofino Security. Eric provides some interesting facts about OPC security, and explains what the uses are, as well as providing examples of how OPC is used in daily operations.

Tiny Tofino Logo indicates articles that contain news about Tofino Security, the Tofino Industrial Security Solution or that contain quotes from Eric Byres.

S21sec to Analyze Tofino’s Security

Tofino Security is pleased to be working with S21sec to perform exhaustive security assessments on the Tofino Industrial Security Solution. S21sec’s objectivity and leading digital security expertise ensure that products are the most secure in the SCADA market.

Segmenting control and automation networks from the business network

Plant facilities from the smallest to the largest should have their business networks separate from their automation or control networks on the production floor.  ControlDesign writes about a common and frightening scenario of what could happen when plant networks are not segmented correctly.

Keep Controls Network Separate From Business Network
July 10, 2010

Safety requires cyber security, as provided by the Triconex Tofino Firewall

The Triconex Tofino Firewall from Invensys Operations Management and Tofino Security is an OPC firewall for Tricon Communications Modules that provides easy to implement defense-in-depth cyber security for OPC Classic communications.  This solution maintains safety and data integrity between the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) and the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) system.  It eliminates cyber security risks from hackers and from badly configured software that cause traffic storms which negatively impact critical controllers and other systems. 

EAGLE Tofino joins Schneider Collaborative Partner Approved Products

Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP) provides new wide-open solutions for optimizing electrical distribution, industrial control and automation performance.

The EAGLE Tofino has joined the Transparent Ready™ initiative, helping you gain easier access to information to reach the right decisions and assist in maximizing your competitiveness.

Securing SCADA and control networks using open standard solutions

An article written by Scott Howard - Technical Sales Manager at Tofino Security highlights open standard solutions combined with the Tofino Industrial Security Solution to secure SCADA and industrial control networks.

Cisco vulnerabilities surrender control of building's critical systems

Cisco Systems has warned of serious vulnerabilities in a device that connects a building's ventilation, lighting, security, and energy supply systems so they can be controlled by IT workers remotely.

Cybersecurity summit pays little attention to control system's security

Leading security experts and government officials met last week in Dallas at the EastWest Institute’s first annual Cyber Security summit.  Unfortunately, little attention was paid to control system security despite the threat of increasing infrastructure attacks.

Byres Security receives award from Frost & Sullivan

Press coverage following Byres Security receiving the 2010 Customer Value Enhancement Award in Industrial Network Security from Frost & Sullivan...

Canvassing the cyber security landscape: Why energy companies need to pay attention

Recent news of a “highly sophisticated and targeted” cyber attack on Google, Yahoo, and perhaps on as many as a dozen other companies has once again brought the issue of cyber security to the top of the news.   The Journey of Energy Security dives into some of the energy industries historical background and outlines some of the key vulnerabilities, threats and risks that energy industry faces.

The Oil Spill: Accident or Cyber Attack?

Toward Freedom speculates on the cause of the recent sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The disaster is currently under investigation, but were the Deep Horizon's automated controls, safety and SCADA systems been subject to a glitch or cyber attack?

Invensys and Byres Security announce the Triconex Tofino Firewall

Press coverage for the Triconex Tofino Firewall product announcement...

Security incidents rise in industrial control systems

An article from Dark Reading discussing the recent rise in security incidents in industrial control systems.

Canada unprepared for massive cyber-attack: Expert

Global governments are taking the threat of Internet-based cyber-attacks seriously. Governments in Russia, China and the United States have greatly altered their defence spending and organization in order to respond to growing cyber-threats from terrorist groups.

Humans continue to be 'weak link' in data security

An article by the Computer World UK highlighting laptop theft and removing the 'human factor' for data security.

Tech apocalypse: Five doomsday scenarios for IT

Infoworld writes about five theoretical doomsday scenarios for IT and the world.


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