EAGLE Tofino joins Schneider Collaborative Partner Approved Products

Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP) provides new wide-open solutions for optimizing electrical distribution, industrial control and automation performance.

The EAGLE Tofino has joined the Transparent Ready™ initiative, helping you gain easier access to information to reach the right decisions and assist in maximizing your competitiveness.

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EAGLE Tofino Approved Schneider Product

collaborativeautomation.com, June 2010

The Hirschmann EAGLE Tofino line of industrial firewalls combines a hardened security appliance with a collection of software modules, putting network security in the hands of automation engineers. A unique feature is the Tofino Modbus TCP Enforcer software module. This is a content inspector for Modbus communications, checking every Modbus command and response against a list of ‘allowed’ commands defined by your control engineers. Any command that is not on the ‘allowed’ list, or any attempt to access a register or coil that is outside the allowed range, will be blocked and reported as a security alert.

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