Utilize open standards to protect control system networks

As enterprise and control networks continue the trend toward tighter integration, cyber security on both sides must improve. TNC, from the Trusted Computing Group, offers an innovative solution.  This article describes how the Tofino Industrial Security Solution would be used with MAP technology to manage network access and protection for legacy SCADA and control devices.....

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Utilize Open Standards to Protect Control System Networks

www.rtcmagazine.com, Feb 26, 2010

An article written highlighting the differences when securing SCADA networks in comparison to traditional IT networks and about emerging technologies that will help make past difficulties dissappear.

Open standards from the Trusted Network Connect (TNC) of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) enable a solution that combines products from multiple vendors, all interoperating via standard interfaces. The cornerstone of this system is the MAP, or Metadata Access Point, which acts as a ‘clearing house’ for a wide variety of transitory data.  A key element in the operation of the TNC-based security solution, the MAP provides flexibility and interoperability that simply cannot be achieved with proprietary solutions.

A Tofino Security Appliance from Tofino Security protects each crawler. Tofino provides firewall services to insulate the PLCs from disruption and permit only the specific network connections required for correct plant operation. In addition, Tofino VPN services secure all network connections to the crawler over the wireless network. When initially deployed, the appliances first check in with the MAP to collect their corporate security certificates.  Next, they retrieve their security policy (firewall rules and VPN security associations) via the same server. And if unauthorized network traffic is blocked by the firewall on a crawler, the Tofino can report this information to the MAP in real time. IF-MAP, an open protocol with support from diverse vendors, could then be used to respond in a variety of ways, including alerting the network security team, logging the incident in a database, or even changing security policy if appropriate.

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