Food and Beverage

Robust Solutions that Meet Compliance Requirements

The food and beverage industry has a tremendous global impact, providing growth to economies across the world. With such an important stake in the well-being of the global community, it is essential that food and beverage processing facilities operate efficiently and consistently by eliminating costly downtime.

Unfortunately, in this industry certain factors encourage system failure and downtime. For example, the stringent need for product cleanliness while complying with the high levels of product hygiene mandated by government regulations means communication network components must often be subjected to environmental extremes. In addition, components may be exposed to organic acids, as well as other aggressive chemicals. Without a doubt, the environment within a food or beverage processing facility can be harsh. These environmental challenges can wreak havoc on mission-critical networks tasked with conveying signals between measuring instruments and control devices. Yet the control networks for pasteurization, cleaning, cooling, and refrigeration systems, all essential functional blocks in food and beverage processing, must continue to work reliably—or the cost could include not only downtime but also safety risks to perishable products.

Tofino Security’s Zone Level Security strategy meets and/or exceeds all IEC 62443 security standards. It isolates critical processes and devices inside their own security zones, including any potential alternate points of entry into the network. If an attack does originate from a fixed or transient entry point, it is contained within the zone in which it originated rather than spreading uncontrolled throughout the plant. In addition, Tofino's real-time reporting feature can immediately alert operations and/or security personnel so they can respond in a coordinated fashion. All of this reduces the potential for disruption to the operation and increases the reliability and safety of any food and beverage operation.


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