Using ANSI/ISA-99 Standards to Improve Control System Security

Today operators and engineers are under pressure to isolate automation systems at the same time as management is asking for greater interconnectedness. 

This White Paper explains how the “zone and conduit” model included in the ANSI/ISA-99 security standards provides a framework for helping deal with network security threats that arise from both the “push for productivity” and the fear of the next “Son-of-Stuxnet” worm.

 Eric's White Paper will help you understand:

  • why the "push for productivity" has degraded control network security
  • the ANSI/ISA-99 Zone and Conduit Model
  • how to implement zones and conduits for your control network
  • how a major oil refinery implemented network segmentation using ANSI/ISA-99 zones and conduits

Eric Byres, CTO and VP Engineering, Tofino Security, Belden Inc.

Download the White Paper

White Paper:
"Using ANSI/ISA-99 Standards to Improve Control System Security"

  Download this White Paper and learn about:
  • The ANSI/ISA-99 Zone and Security Model
  • A Real World Oil Refinery Example
  • Implementing Zones and Conduits with Industrial Security Appliances
  • Testing and Managing the Security Solution

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