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Process control,  SCADA,  manufacturing,  automation

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The Tofino Xenon Series of fully extensible products.

Tofino Security product lineup provides full extensible network security for industrial and SCADA networks.

Mix and match 4 Tofino Security Appliances with different connectivity, operating temperature ranges, voltage ranges and hazardous environment options.

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Eric Byres comments on Tofino

For years the IT world has known that a corporate firewall on its own is just not enough when it comes to security. If it was, we wouldn’t be loading firewall and anti-virus software into our PCs. The Tofino Industrial Security Solution brings the strategy of critical edge protection to the control system, giving the most important devices in our plants (the PLC, DCS, HMI and so on) the same defense-in-depth security the IT department gives the receptionist’s desktop. In other words, Tofino is the personal firewall, IDS and VPN of the plant floor controller.”

Eric Byres, CTO and VP Engineering
ISA Fellow
Tofino Security

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