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Plug-n-Protect™ Triconex Tofino Firewall from Invensys Operations Management

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Triconex Tofino Firewall 4350-100 Product Details


The Triconex Tofino Firewall received a Breakthrough Product of the Year for 2010 from Processing magazine.

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Invensys comments on Tofino

“Processors and manufacturers are continuously threatened by new and increasingly dangerous cyber attacks, which require greater vigilance and security.

The Triconex / Tofino OPC firewall mitigates those risks by managing the traffic to and from the Triconex TCM, providing further assurance that a cyber incursion will not compromise integrated communications between the safety and critical control systems and supervisory HMI or distributed control systems.

By tapping into the Invensys Operations Management ecosystem of partners and collaborating with the renowned experts from Byres Security and MTL, we co-innovated to resolve a crucial client challenge and help them achieve safety excellence.”

-Joe Scalia,
Portfolio Architect
Invensys Operations Management

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