Processing Magazine Breakthrough Product of the Year

A Tofino-based product, the Triconex® / Tofino™ OPC Firewall, has been recognized as a product and technology that made a significant contribution to the process industries for 2010.


Jan 2011

The new Triconex firewall was the first product on the market that protects integrated applications based on OPC Classic, the world’s most widely used industrial integration protocol.

“Plant safety remains one of the toughest challenges any plant faces on a day-to-day basis. Plant managers need the latest innovative technology to protect their products, their employees and the environment, as well as the communities they serve.

The Triconex / Tofino OPC Firewall secures safety systems and network operations from malicious attacks and other threats, and helps process plants achieve safety excellence in their operations. We are happy to recognize this solution as one of our Breakthrough Products of 2010.”

Dennis Van Milligen
Associate Publisher and Editor
Processing magazine

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Award-winning technology:  available for all control systems

The award-winning OPC Security technology is not just for Triconex users, it is also available in a fully-configurable version from Byres Security as the Tofino OPC Enforcer.

Triconex is a safety and critical control system from Invensys Operations Management.
“Enforcer”, “Plug-n-Protect” and “Zone Level Security” are trademarks and “Tofino” is a registered trademark of Byres Security Inc.  
Invensys and Triconex are trademarks of Invensys plc, its subsidiaries or affiliates.