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The Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) Series, consisting of three pre-configured Tofino Security Appliances:

  • Honeywell Modbus TCP Firewall (9202-ETS-HN1)
  • Honeywell Modbus Read-only Firewall (9202-ETS-HN3)

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Honeywell comments on Tofino

"In today's environment it is not sufficient for plants to simply depend on perimeter firewalls for security.  They need multiple levels of security, and the Honeywell Modbus TCP Firewall, based on Tofino technology, provides our clients with a robust security solution from outside threats and improper network introductions."

Kevin Staggs, CISSP
Engineering Fellow, Global Security Architect
Honeywell Process Solutions

Listen to Kevin Staggs speak about security and Tofino in the video:
Securing Industry from Cyber Threats

Podcast: January Edition of This Month in Control Systems Security

Dale Peterson, Founder of Digital Bond, talks about the new Honeywell Modbus Read-only Firewall with Eric Byres.
January 2011 Podcast - This Month in Control Sysems Security

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