EtherNet/IP (includes CIP)

Description EtherNet/IP is an application layer protocol, treating devices on the network as a series of "objects". It is an implementation of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) over TCP/IP, compatible with ControlNet (CIP over a dedicated network) and DeviceNet (CIP over CAN bus) control systems. EtherNet/IP can be easily confused as a simple combination of Ethernet and the Internet Protocol. Instead, it is an industrial application layer protocol used for communication between industrial control systems and their components, such as a programmable automation controller, programmable logic controller or an I/O system. (Wikipedia)
Protocols Standards Group ODVA
Approvals for Tofino Products Belden is a full member of the ODVA. Tested for compliance using the ODVA test suite.

EtherNet/IP Security Summary

Any device with a network connection to an EtherNet/IP controller can potentially change any of the controller’s key values.  Many controllers can even be reset, disabled, or loaded with new logic or firmware leaving them vulnerable and open to disruption or potential attackers.

Known Security Issues and Vulnerabilities

ICS-ALERT-12-046-01A February 2012

Tofino Security Products for Improving Security

Tofino EtherNet/IP Enforcer A loadable security module that provides content inspection for EtherNet/IP communications, checking every message against a list of ‘allowed’ objects and services.


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