Electrical Utilities

Empowering the Industry that Powers the World

The world relies on electricity and the Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution industry delivers. As the world's population increases, the demand for energy will see significant growth. With the critical need to transmit electricity to office buildings, factories, residential areas, and the public infrastructures of growing nations, high-performance, reliable products are essential.

The Tofino Security Appliance combines industrial-strength design, flexibility, and innovative cyber-security options to support PT&D providers. It has been designed from the ground up to support compliance with NERC-CIP V5, IEEE-1613, and IEC-61850 standards. It can be installed in a live control network without any pre-configuration and with no facility downtime.

The Tofino Configurator software lets the technician easily define rules that specify which network devices are allowed to communicate and what protocols they may use. Adding the optional Deep Packet Inspection software modules provides detailed protocol filtering to enforce security policy. The Tofino Industrial Security Solution provides a reliable and straightforward solution to secure the Power industry. 


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