Control Network Secure Connectivity Simplified

Article in: InTech Web Exclusive, April 2011

The susceptibility of control systems to security issues continues to confront organizations. Although it is rare to penetrate a control system directly from the internet, the advanced hacker or typical worm still has many options created by corporate connections, remote support links, USB keys, laptops, etc.

In this article, Scott Howard, Technical Sales Manager at Byres Security, and Lisa Lorenzin, Principal Solutions Architect, Juniper Networks, collaborate to explain how adopting newer standards-based technologies for IT networks can help avoid compromises from attacks.

Given the disturbing frequency that these attacks occur, it is exigent that connecting control networks to corporate networks be simplified with standards-based interfaces to help dampen security issues.

Control network secure connectivity simplified

"Control network secure connectivity simplified" - Article (333kb)

Scott Howard is a participant, Trusted Network Connect Work (TNC) Group, Trusted Computing Group (TCG). Lisa Lorenzin is a contributing member, TNC Work Group, TCG