Mission Critical Security in a Post-Stuxnet World

Presentation from: Byres Security, September 2011

This 2-part presentation, "Mission Critical Security in a Post-Stuxnet World," contains slides from the Hirschmann 2011 Mission Critical Network Design Seminar. It summarizes a lot of information about the Stuxnet malware and discusses what it means for the future of SCADA and ICS security.

The presentation is ideal for anyone needing a crash course on Stuxnet, or as a tool for informing management about the implications of it.

Created by Eric Byres, this 2-part presentation covers:

  • What is Stuxnet?

  • How Stuxnet Spreads

  • The Death of "Security by Obscurity"

  • Stuxnet's Impact on PLCs

  • Protecting Against Son-of-Stuxnet

  • Understanding the Pathways

  • Making Security Simple

Parts of this presentation are taken from the White Paper "How Stuxnet Spreads - A Study of Infection Paths in Best Practice Systems" written by Eric Byres, Andrew Ginter and Joel Langill

Other parts are taken from the Presentation "What Does Stuxnet Mean for ICS"

PDF "Mission Critical Security in a Post-Stuxnet World Part 1" - Presentation (3MB)

PDF "Mission Critical Security in a Post-Stuxnet World Part 2" - Presentation (1MB)

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