What Does Stuxnet Mean for Industrial Control Systems?

Presentation from:  Byres Security, March 2011

"What Does Stuxent Mean for Industrial Control Systems - The Future of Critical Infrastructure Security"  summarizes a lot of information about the Stuxnet malware and discusses what it means for the future of SCADA and ICS security.

This presentation is ideal for anyone needing a crash course on Stuxnet, or as a tool for informing management about the implications of it.

Created by Eric Byres, this presentation covers:

  • What is Stuxnet?
  • How Stuxnet Spreads
  • Stuxnet's Impact on PLCs
  • Protecting Against Son-of-Stuxnet 

Parts of this presentation are taken from the White Paper "How Stuxnet Spreads - A Study of Infection Paths in Best Practice Systems" written by Eric Byres, Andrew Ginter and Joel Langill.

PDF "What Does Stuxnet Mean for ICS" - Presentation (1.73MB)

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