Tofino to be used in Honeywell OneWireless Firewall

Byres Security Inc. and MTL Instruments, a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, has announced that Honeywell has selected Tofino™ technology for its OneWireless* Firewall...


Tofino to be used in Honeywell OneWireless Firewall

August 26, 2009 – British Columbia, Canada

Byres Security Inc. and MTL Instruments, a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, has announced that Honeywell has selected Tofino™ technology for its OneWireless* Firewall. The Honeywell OneWireless Firewall is designed to sit between Honeywell’s Experion* Process Knowledge System (PKS) control system and the OneWireless network, providing an additional layer of protection against unwanted and harmful network traffic, thereby promoting control system integrity. The product is available today from Honeywell.

The OneWireless Firewall is compliant with Experion R311 and is the second network security product from Honeywell based on Tofino technology (the first being the Experion Modbus TCP Firewall).

“We are delighted that Honeywell is expanding its relationship with us, showing that Tofino technology is effective for Honeywell customers, and that there are multiple applications for Tofino within the Honeywell product,” said Joann Byres, CEO of Byres Security Inc.

Unlike IT-style firewalls that require highly-trained staff for installation, the OneWireless Firewall automatically works as soon as it is connected to the network.  The product filters bi-directional network traffic, allowing only wireless I/O on both directions, while blocking other data types.

“Honeywell is taking a holistic view of security by protecting both its OneWireless networks and wired communications, such as Experion control networks, with multiple layers of protection,” remarked Eric Byres, CTO of Byres Security Inc. “The Tofino technology in the OneWireless Firewall provides an easy way for Honeywell’s customers to achieve in-depth security with a simple zero-configuration module.”

About Byres Security

Byres Security Inc. is a world leader in the field of industrial cyber security for critical infrastructure companies, including oil and gas, power, chemical, and manufacturing sectors

Its flagship product, the Tofino™ Industrial Security Solution, is a unique hardware and software security system that provides Zone Level Security™ (ZLS™) - tailored, protection for zones of control devices.  Tofino is simple to implement, does not require downtime, and takes care of security while focus is maintained on keeping processes running safely and efficiently

About MTL Instruments

MTL Instruments, a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, is a world leader in the development and supply of electronic instrumentation and protection equipment for the process control and telecommunications industries.  Many of the world's most critical processes are monitored, controlled or protected by MTL equipment and the Group is distinguished by the quality and reliability of its products, its global network of sales-and-support centres and its acknowledged position as a thought-leader in this high technology marketplace.  With 36 dedicated sales centres in 13 countries  and a further 137 MTL representatives in 64 countries, MTL's expertise in Intrinsic Safety, Industrial Networks, Surge Protection and Operator Displays/HMI is unsurpassed. MTL Instruments manufactures the Tofino Security Appliance and sells and supports the Tofino Industrial Security Solution worldwide to the oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

* OneWireless is a trademark and Experion is a registered trademark of Honeywell International, Inc. 

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