May 2014

Upgrading Windows XP – Mitigate the Vulnerabilities Immediately Using an Industrial Firewall – Part 2

Author Mike Miclot

On the eve of April 8, Microsoft retired support for the Windows XP operating system (OS) – leaving millions of Windows XP users susceptible to accidental and deliberate security issues. Though the retirement had been long planned and with fair warning, industrial network users are just beginning to comprehend the ramifications.

How the Windows XP End of Support will Impact Industrial Applications - Part 1

Author Mike Miclot

Nobody likes the job of replacing a good team member when they retire. Yet, that is the job the manufacturing industry is faced with as a trusted component of the industrial application ecosystem steps down from active duty. That component is the Windows XP operating system (OS), a workhorse of a product that is pervasive in factories, energy facilities and many critical infrastructure systems around the world.