December 2012

The iPhone is coming to the Plant Floor – Can we Secure it?

Browsing this week’s industry newsletters, I noticed that Automation World had two related stories on new technologies:

2012 SCADA Security Predictions - How Did Eric Byres Do?

Early in 2012 Eric Byres wrote a blog article predicting what he thought would happen in 2012 with regards to SCADA and ICS security. I went back to his blog and highlighted the four main predictions he made. Then I asked him to rate himself on each one.

Sous-Vide Verdict from the SCADA Security Experts

It has been a year since Eric did his infamous sous-vide blog for techies and almost a year since I surprised him with the real thing. I thought I would give you a short update on our sous-vide adventures this year.

Happy Holidays 2012 from the SCADA Security Experts

One of the pleasures of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say "thank you" for being part of our SCADA security community over the last year. We very much appreciate your readership and the stimulating dialogue that results from it.

The team at Tofino Security sends you and your family warm thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday, and a very Happy New Year.