Case Profile: Daimler Chrysler


In August 2005, 13 US auto plants were shut down by a simple Internet worm. Despite professionally installed firewalls separating the Internet, the company network and the control network, the Zotob worm had made its way into the control system (probably via a laptop). Once in the control system, it was able to travel from plant to plant in seconds.  Approximately 50,000 assembly line workers ceased work during the outages.

Cause of incident

Introduction of malicious code via a secondary pathway into the control network.

Cost impact

$14 Million (estimated)

Why Tofino would have helped

Tofino's Zone Level Security strategy isolates all network devices inside their own security zones, including any potential alternate points of entry into the network. If an attack does originate from a fixed or transient entry point, it is contained within the zone in which it originated rather than spreading uncontrolled throughout the network. In addition, Tofino's real-time reporting feature would immediately alert operations and/or security personnel so they can respond in a co-ordinated fashion.

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