Description A set of communications protocols used between components in SCADA systems. Its main use is in utilities such as electric and water companies. It was developed for communications between various types of data acquisition and control equipment. It plays a crucial role in SCADA systems, where it is used by SCADA Master Stations (aka Control Centers), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). (Wikipedia)
Protocols Standards Group IEEE Std 1815-2010
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DNP3 Security Summary

In 2013, a large number of critical DNP3 vulnerabilities were discovered by Adam Crain and Chris Sistrunk, using a security test tool developed under the AEGIS Project. The tool found vulnerabilities in both SCADA master stations and the RTU and IED slave devices. The discovery of vulnerabilities in DNP masters introduced a new world of attack possibilities against the power industry. Successfully attack an RTU in a substation and you might knock that station off line. Successfully attack a SCADA master and you can knock a whole system off line.

Known Security Issues and Vulnerabilities


ICS-CERT DNP3 Implementation Vulnerabilities

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