Water and Waste Water

Meeting the Needs of Harsh Industrial and Mission-Critical Environments

Providing clean water and wastewater services to millions is no easy feat, especially when the industrial environment imposes harsh conditions on system components. In water and wastewater treatment plants, network devices must endure grit, sludge, and high levels of humidity. Gases like hydrogen sulfide and chlorine can cause severe corrosion to the unprotected device.

Unless the network products used in water/wastewater applications are correctly designed and manufactured, these environmental factors can wreak havoc on the mission-critical networks tasked with conveying signals between measuring instruments: the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and the management systems.

Tofino Security took these challenges into account when creating the Tofino Security Appliance.  All products are designed and manufactured specifically to meet the hazards of harsh environments like those found in the water/wastewater industry. Each Tofino product is highly customizable from the factory, allowing you to select a package designed specifically for the protocols, controllers, and applications that you need to protect. And Tofino Security makes it easy for trades personnel to install and for controls technicians to configure firewalls – so expensive and time consuming network security training is a thing of the past. Tofino is the cost effective way to ensure secure and reliable water/wastewater operations.


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