Tofino Security Appliance

The Tofino Argon Security Appliance has been discontinued. Please refer to the Tofino Xenon Security Appliance for the current hardware.

Creates Plug-n-Protect Zones of Security

  • Pre-emptive threat detection
  • Threat termination
  • Threat reporting

By using Tofino Security Appliances recommended ANSI / ISA 99 Zone Level Security can be reached.


Protect your SCADA and Industrial Control Systems Against Network Problems and Cyber Threats

Traditional IT-focused Security Systems are Unsuitable for Industrial Networks

  • The electrical, environmental and operational requirements of SCADA and process control systems make them unsuited for IT security solutions
  • As a result, many critical systems operate without protection from accidental events such as an infected USB storage device or a mis-configured network device, much less a malicious cyber-attack

The Plug-n-Protect Tofino Security Appliance is Designed with the Environments, Staff Skills and Needs of Industry in Mind

  • Ideal for controls professionals, the Tofino Security Appliance is designed to be installed in a live network with no pre-configuration, no network changes and no plant downtime
  • It is a simple and cost-effective way to create zones of security − tailored protection for groups of PLCs, DCS, RTUs, IEDs and HMIs − as recommended by ISA/IEC 62443, NERC CIP and IEC Standards
  • Tofino protects better and is easier to install than IT firewalls and other security products

Saves you Money Through:

  • Improved system reliability and stability
  • Reduced down time and production losses
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Simplified regulatory and security standards compliance

Unique Capabilities

  • Plug-n-Protect™ installation requires no pre-configuration, no network changes, and no disruption to the control system
  • Simple configuration over the network using the NetConnect LSM to communicate securely with the Tofino Configurator or via manual configuration transferring encrypted configuration files on a USB storage device to be loaded into the Tofino Xenon security appliance via secure USB port
  • Unique 'Test' mode allows firewall testing with no risk to your operation
  • Compatible with all DCS, PLC, SCADA, networking, and software products
  • Rugged hardware design for years of reliable service

Typical Applications

  •  Secure networks with security zones as per NERC CIP and ISA/IEC 62443 standards
  •  Protect connections to partner networks and wireless networks
  •  Improve SCADA and process control network reliability and performance


PDF Tofino Security Appliance Data Sheet

PDF Tofino Pre-defined Protocols, Controllers, Apps