EAGLE Tofino

This is a fully extensible series of products that includes 4 different Tofino Security Appliances with different connectivity and a full range of software modules. The EAGLE Tofino Series is sold by Hirschmann.

Note: EAGLE 20 Tofino Series Security Appliances function only with EAGLE Tofino Series software modules, as listed below.

Products and Part Numbers

Tofino Security Appliances  (EAGLE 20 Tofino Series)

The Tofino Eagle 20 Series industrial security product family image

Plug-n-Protect, industrially hardened, process friendly security hardware

Product Name

EAGLE 20 Tofino Security Appliance

Part Numbers & Connectivity

943 987-501-TX/TX
943 987-502 -TX/MM
943 987-504-MM/TX
943 987-505-MM/MM

TX= 10/100BASE-TX (Twisted Pair)
MM= Multimode 10/100BASE-FX (Fiber)

Operating temperature range

0° - +60° C

Power inputs

18 – 60 VDC
Dual Redundant Inputs

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Tofino Loadable Security Modules (EAGLE Tofino Series)

Firmware modules that customize the functionality of the security appliances

Product name

Part number


EAGLE Tofino Firewall LSM

942 016-110

Directs and controls industrial network traffic

EAGLE Tofino Secure Asset Management LSM

942 016-111

Tracks and identifies network devices

EAGLE Tofino Modbus TCP Enforcer LSM

942 016-112

Content inspection for Modbus

EAGLE Tofino VPN Server LSM

EAGLE Tofino VPN Client LSM

EAGLE Tofino VPN PC Client License

942 016-113


942 016-114


942 016-116


Secures remote SCADA communication

EAGLE Tofino Event Logger LSM

942 016-115

Reliably logs security events and alarms

EAGLE Tofino OPC Enforcer LSM

942 016-117

Content inspection for OPC

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Tofino Central Management Platform (EAGLE Tofino Series)

A centralized software application for configuring, testing and monitoring security appliances

Product name

Part number


EAGLE Tofino Central Management Platform

942 016-100

Coordinates security management

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