Modcon Systems Ltd.


Modcon Systems Ltd.

Gregory Shahnovsky
+972 49553955

Bornshtein Street
South Akko Industrial Park
Akko, Israel 24222 


  Regions served

Industries served

Israel, Azerbaijan, Romania, Russia, UK, USA

automation, process control, SCADA, environmental control and analyzers

Product Line

The MTL Tofino Series of fully extensible products.

Byres Security product lineup provides full extensible network security for industrial and SCADA networks.

This series includes one Tofino Security Appliance (that is manufactured by MTL Instruments) and a full range of software modules.

About Modcon Systems

Modcon Systems specializes in performing process control automation, instrumentation and analyzer projects with turn-key delivery, support and training, since 1972. Modcon Systems is a key player in:

  • On-line Process Analyzers and Systems
  • Process Control & Automation
  • SCADA and Industrial Network Solutions
  • Environmental Control
  • Gas Detectors and Air Pollution Analyzers

Additional company branches and offices are located in Azerbaijan, Romania, Russia, UK and the USA.

Modcon staff operate as a successful team, and understand and apply the "Customer Oriented Concept". The company has a good reputation for excellent service, targeted to customer's needs and since 1995 is ISO 9001 certified.