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Jaime Ruiz
(56 2) 290 5919

Avenida Providencia 1760 Of. 1601
Providencia, Santiago


  Regions served

Industries served

Chile, Argentina, Perú, Colombia

Neosecure S.A. serves all the larger enterprise clients in their markets, with a strong base in banking & financial and retail.

Product Line

The Tofino Xenon Series of fully extensible products.

Tofino Security product lineup provides full extensible network security forindustrial and SCADA networks.

Mix and match 4 Tofino Security Appliances with different connectivity, operating temperature ranges, voltage ranges and hazardous environment options.

About Neosecure S.A.

Neosecure is a leading information security company in Latin America. The company is recognized for its managed security services and the high expertise of its professionals. Neosecure manages a Malware Research Center and a Security Operation Center, which was the second worldwide certified center under the BS7799 standard. The human team is formed with engineers certified in international standards like CISSP (ISC2), ISO 27001, CISM (ISACA) and CERT.

The company was founded in 1999 and currently holds offices in Chile, Argentina, Perú and Chile, and have business in the rest of Latin America, Europe and United States.