FRS Instrumentation and Controls


FRS Instrumentation and Controls

Bob Barrett                   


4 Patton Street
Grimsby, ON, Canada
L3M 3M5 


  Regions served

Industries served

Eastern Canada

  process control, universities, hospitals, power facilities,

food and beverage and marine transportation

Product Line

The MTL Tofino Series of fully extensible products.

Byres Security product lineup provides full extensible network security for industrial and SCADA networks.

This series includes one Tofino Security Appliance (that is manufactured by MTL Instruments) and a full range of software modules.

About FRS Instrumentation and Controls

In business since 1986, FRS Instrumentation and Controls Inc. has earned an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction by providing solutions that focus on our customers' needs.

Specialists in migration from older instrumentation systems to current technologies. Process Control System additions, upgrading and modifications. Monitoring and data acquisition of critical process information. Ethernet and Wireless communication in a process environment.

We have customers around the globe covering a wide range of industries, some of which include; Universities, Hospitals, Power Facilities, Food and Beverage and Marine Transportation.