Improve Your Cyber Security Skills at the Belden Design Seminar

These days, industrial network security is a top of mind concern for managers in industrial automation organizations. However, there isn’t a simple formula for applying it and many engineers either don’t know where to start or don’t know how to develop practical skills in this area.

Add on the challenge of trying to implement something new, while still getting the day job done ... and all in all it can be overwhelming.

I’m writing today to let you know about a fairly straight forward solution to this dilemma. It’s as simple as blocking out four days to attend an event we are holding this fall in Houston, Texas (Sept. 21-24).

Attendees in a hands-on lab at the 2013 Belden Design Seminar.

Industrial Network Security Made Easy

At Belden’s upcoming Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure (IEI) Design Seminar, several of my colleagues and I will be presenting a special “track” related to network security. Our goal is to help event attendees learn where to start with their security strategy, in a practical way that’s not overwhelming or complicated.

In Houston, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in five presentations and one hands-on lab, all facilitated by Belden’s top security experts. While there are plenty of reasons to attend the Design Seminar, you’ll leave with concrete next steps to prioritize and secure your most critical assets.

You will also learn what you can do to enhance overall operational security – from policies and procedures and industry best practices, to specific technology, products and solutions that protect mission-critical areas. You’ll even learn how to leverage the products you may already have in place.

The various sessions are designed to complement one another and give you the confidence to go back to your company and know what to do next to secure your network. The sessions include:

  • Practical Network Security Assessment and Design – Understand the first steps to take for a layered security approach – perimeter, zone and remote network access. Start with a simple risk assessment. (Session S1)
  • Security Inside: Applying Security Features Using Hardware That You Already Have – Learn when and how to apply the security features on existing switches and routers. Make the most of what you have. (Session S3)
  • Making Security Industrial: Deep Packet Inspection with the EAGLE Tofino – Discover how Deep Packet Inspection provides easy and effective control over who can do what to your automation equipment. (Session S4)
  • Adding Secure Remote Access with the EAGLE Firewall – Learn when and how to apply the EAGLE One and EAGLE 30 firewalls for remote access, zone and perimeter security. (Session S5)
  • Hands-On Lab: Network Security – Gain hands-on experience, by taking what you’ve learned in the sessions and putting your knowledge to work. You can apply and test popular security products and features for your specific scenario. (Session S2)
  • (NEW) Security for Oil and Gas Applications – See real world examples of Belden security solutions deployed in Oil and Gas applications. Learn how to apply them to your own projects. (Session O1)

Find out what attendees to the 2013 Design Seminar had to say about it:

Feel free to ask me any questions about the event overall or the security “track” in the comments section below. I hope to see you there.

More Information on the Belden 2014 IEI Design Seminar

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