32 Minutes to Understanding SCADA Security

Engineers as well as IT staff in the process control and SCADA industries have varying levels of knowledge about industrial cyber security. We come across this regularly when talking to people at industry events or speaking with customers or partners. To help you, no matter where you are in the learning curve, we have recently released a five-part video series.

This article summarizes the videos and provides you with direct access to them.

Video 1: What is Cyber Security?

As industrial networks have become more complex, more connected to business systems and make more use of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies, cyber security has become more important for their continued safe and reliable operation.

Our first video examines the current state of cyber security in SCADA and industrial control networks. It also talks about how we got to this point, and lays the foundation for discussing how to improve the security of these systems.

TV101 – What is Cyber Security (6:19)

Video 2: We're Secure -- We Have a Firewall!

Many companies already use firewalls to isolate the plant and enterprise networks. What's so bad about this approach? Aren't these networks already protected?

Our second video explores the types of cyber security issues often seen in plant networks and explains how these issues can impact plant operations in spite of these firewalls.

TV102 - We're Secure -- We Have a Firewall! (5:42)

Video 3: Security Strategies that Work On the Plant Floor

Video 2 showed that a firewall on the plant network could not protect against many cyber security threats. But if that doesn't work, then what ARE you supposed to do to protect your plant? 

This video explains Defense in Depth, the ISA99 Zones and Conduits model (now known as ISA/IEC 62443 standard) and how industrial firewalls protect industrial networks.

TV103 - Security Strategies that Work on the Plant Floor (6:11)

Video 4: Why Is Cyber Security Still a Problem in SCADA and Control Networks?

IT engineers have been dealing successfully with cyber security issues for years, and there are many security products in daily use in enterprise networks. Why is cyber security such a challenge on control networks? Why can't the same tools and techniques be used to secure these systems?

The answer to these questions lie in understanding the unique requirements of control and SCADA networks, and applying cyber security strategies in ways that are appropriate to these applications.

TV104 - Why Is Cyber Security Still a Problem in SCADA and Control Networks? (5:45)

Video 5: How does Tofino Protect My Plant?

(Full disclosure: This video highlights the Tofino Industrial Security Solution, our own product, and obviously we are biased in favor of it.)
The preceding videos discussed how Defense in Depth can be an effective strategy to secure control networks. How exactly does Tofino implement Defense in Depth? And what makes it the best solution?

This video takes a deeper dive into the components of the Tofino Industrial Security Solution, and examines how they work together to implement cyber security on the plant floor.

TV105 - How does Tofino Protect My Plant? (7:33)

32 Minute Overview of SCADA Security

If you watch all of the videos above it will take just under 32 minutes and hopefully provide you with a good understanding of the fundamentals of ICS and SCADA Security.

Thanks to our Technical Sales Manager, Scott Howard, for creating these videos.

Do these videos provide useful information? Let us know your feedback.

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