Tofino 2.0 Demonstration

July 2014 (23:49)

A complete Tofino 2.0 demonstration.

Tofino 2.0 Introduction

July 2014 (21:28)

A comprehensive overview of the new Tofino Xenon and Tofino Configurator 2.0. Highlights include information about the Tofino Configurator, optional offline configuration of your Tofino Xenons, and more.

TV205: Tofino OPC Enforcer LSM

September 2012 (25:02)

The major features and benefits of the Tofino OPC Enforcer LSM are presented, followed by a hands-on demonstration where we implement firewall protection for an OPC server in a plant network.

TV205: Tofino OPC Enforcer LSM

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TV204: Tofino Recommended Best Practices

September 2012 (26:07)

Recommended best practices are discussed for Tofino deployment, including:

TV203: Tofino Modbus Enforcer LSM

September 2012 (18:26)

Building on the previous 'how-to' videos in this series, this video shows an example configuration session where we deploy the Tofino Modbus TCP Enforcer LSM to implement read-only protection for a Modbus PLC.

TV203: Tofino Modbus Enforcer LSM

TV202: Tofino Secure Asset Management LSM

September 2012 (17:06)

The major features and benefits of the Tofino Secure Asset Management module are briefly covered, and the SAM module is then demonstrated on the same simulated chemical blending plant that was used in the first video of this series.

TV201: Tofino Orientation

September 2012 (24:28)

First steps with Tofino: a sample configuration session shows how to get started with the Tofino Security Appliance, Tofino Central Management Platform, and the Tofino Firewall LSM. A Tofino Security Appliance is used to protect a PLC in a simulated chemical blending plant.

Tofino Pre-deployment

The Tofino CMP allows the configuration of a single Eagle 20 Tofino, or a complete network, to be created before the actual hardware is available or remotely.

As a result, on-site deployment time is considerably reduced.

This movie shows the pre-deployment process, and many additional tips and tricks.


Modbus TCP Enforcer Deep Packet Inspection

The Modbus TCP Enforcer LSM provides deep packet inspection for devices using this protocol for both TCP and UDP.

Read-only access can be enforced for coils and registers.  A Sanity Check option ensures that data passing through the Eagle 20 Tofino conforms to the Modbus TCP standard.

This movie shows the configuration options for the Modbus TCP Enforcer LSM.

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