Portable Tofino® SCADA Security Simulator is a Vital New Tool for Improving SCADA Security

Tofino Security, a subsidiary of Belden Inc. (NYSE: BDC), today announced the release of the new Tofino SCADA Security Simulator (TSSS), part of the Tofino Industrial Security Solution. The product is a complete control system in a box.....


Portable Tofino® SCADA Security Simulator is a Vital New Tool for Improving SCADA Security

September 29, 2011 – British Columbia, Canada

Tofino Security, a subsidiary of Belden Inc. (NYSE: BDC), a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission critical applications, today announced the release of the new Tofino SCADA Security Simulator (TSSS), part of the Tofino Industrial Security Solution.  The product is a complete control system in a box, designed to demonstrate the vulnerability of SCADA and PLC components to security failures, and to test new solutions.  It makes the impact of security failures to critical industrial processes easy to grasp, and it shows how to secure processes using the Tofino Security Appliance (TSA). The TSSS is an important tool for helping infrastructure operators, vendors, systems integrators, government agencies and researchers improve Industrial Control System (ICS) security.

“Cyber threats to industrial processes have been difficult to demonstrate, making it hard to test designs, train staff or research mitigating technologies,” remarked Eric Byres, CTO and VP Engineering of Tofino Security.  “Now, with the Tofino SCADA Security Simulator anyone can understand both the impact of security breaches on industrial processes and how to stop them.”

A typical TSSS demonstration starts by showing how SCADA and Industrial Control Systems operate, using a widely deployed PLC to control production.  Next, SCADA specific malware attacks the control system and destroys the process.  Finally, the system is secured using leading technology such as the Tofino Industrial Security Solution.  The TSSS provides hands-on experience and reveals the impact of SCADA security in a tangible and visual manner.

Joel Langill, CSO of SCADAhacker.com, explains: "You can only be so effective when trying to explain cyber security to someone using a deck of PowerPoint slides.  When you shift the discussion to an actual demonstration showing both an attack and a successful mitigation to an attack, people actually understand it."

Joel continues: "As a security consultant, I use the TSSS not only for simple demonstrations of cyber security controls, but also to implement various security strategies in an offline manner. I can then develop corresponding Tofino Security Appliance configuration schemes which can be applied to online production systems.  I find it very handy to be able to use the TSSS with a variety of SCADA / HMI applications, and with associated field control equipment like PLCs, RTUs and application servers."

The Tofino “complete SCADA simulation system in a box” is available in a portable carry-on case, or in a large “trade-show” format.  It comes with simple step-by-step instructions for demonstrating SCADA operations, security risks and security solutions. Simulations are available for gas pipelines, power facilities, chemical plants and water utilities.  The product is available now from Tofino Security and from Tofino Certified VARs.

About Tofino Security

Tofino Security provides practical and effective industrial network security and SCADA security products that are simple to implement and that do not require plant shutdowns.

Its flagship product, the Tofino™ Industrial Security Solution, combines security appliances with loadable software modules to protect industrial networks from external cyber threats and internal network incidents. The products facilitate the implementation of Plug-n-Protect™ zones of security for equipment with common safety requirements, as recommended in ANSI / ISA-99 standards.

The Tofino solution received Frost & Sullivan's 2010 World Customer Value Enhancement Award, which annually honors the product that best enhances customer value in the industrial automation and electronics industries.

Tofino is used by the process control, SCADA, manufacturing and automation industries.

For more information, please visit www.tofinosecurity.com.

“Plug-n-Protect” is a trademark, and “Tofino” is a registered trademark of Tofino Security.

About Belden

St. Louis−based Belden Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets cable, connectivity, and networking products in markets including industrial automation, enterprise, transportation, infrastructure, and consumer electronics. It has approximately 6,900 employees, and provides value for industrial automation, enterprise, education, healthcare, entertainment and broadcast, sound and security, transportation, infrastructure, consumer electronics and other industries. Belden has manufacturing capabilities in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, and a market presence in nearly every region of the world. Belden was founded in 1902, and today is a leader with some of the strongest brands in the signal transmission industry. For more information, visit www.belden.com.

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