miniFlame News Coverage

A summary of news articles on miniFlame the newest malware in the Flame family.

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Tempo, October 22, 2012
Kaspersky Lab discovers new malicious program “miniFlame”, October 19, 2012
'miniFlame' Malware Spreading Through Middle East

Global Research, October 19, 2012
Global Cyber-Warfare Tactics: New Flame-linked Malware used in “Cyber-Espionage”

CIO, October 19, 2012
Cybersecurity News Roundup: 'miniFlame' Malware; Android Spyware; Huawei Spying, October 17, 2012
'Mini-Flame' virus hikes Mideast cyberwar

Search Security, October 17, 2012
MiniFlame spyware extremely targeted, but could pose future threat

Tech News World, October 17, 2012
MiniFlame Drops Cyberbombs on High-Value Targets

The H Security, October 17, 2012
miniFlame: the Flame trojan's little brother

Tiny Tofino Logo Information Week, October 17, 2012
7 MiniFlame Facts: How Much Espionage Malware Lurks?

CSO Online, October 16, 2012
Cyberespionage malware 'miniFlame' discovered

Sky News, October 16, 2012
MiniFlame Spyware Targets Middle East

Tiny Tofino Logo Information Week, October 16, 2012
Meet Flame Espionage Malware Cousin: MiniFlame

The Register, October 16, 2012
Mini-Me, stop humping the laser: Littler Flame cyber-spy tool found

Threat Post, October 15, 2012
Precision Espionage miniFlame Malware Tied to Flame, Gauss

Security Central, October 15, 2012
Kaspersky discovers MiniFlame cyber espionage malware directly linked to Flame and Gauss

ABC News, October 15, 2012
MiniFlame: Researchers Say ‘Extremely Targeted’ Cyber Attack Hit Lebanon, Iran

Fox News,  October 15, 2012
Is 'MiniFlame' spyware latest work of U.S. intelligence?

CNET, October 15, 2012
Newly IDed 'MiniFlame' malware targets individuals for attack, October 15, 2012
Kaspersky Uncovers 'High Precision' miniFlame Malware

CBS News, October 15, 2012
New "MiniFlame" malware targets individuals for attack

Business Insider, October 15, 2012
This New 'Mini-Flame' Virus Is Sweeping Through The Middle East

TechWeek Europe, October 15, 2012
MiniFlame Sabotage Tool Spotted Supporting State-Funded Malware

TechSpot, October 15, 2012
Kaspersky Lab discovers highly specialized miniFlame malware

Wired, October 15, 2012
State-Sponsored Malware ‘Flame’ Has Smaller, More Devious Cousin

SC Magazine, October 15, 2012
After Flame and Gauss strike, MiniFlame takes aim