Cyber Security for Energy Delivery Conference

San Jose, California, USA

September 27 - 28, 2011


Tofino Security Speaker:

Eric Byres, CTO


Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time: 2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Topic: Securing Past, Present and Future SCADA and Smart Grid Technologies


Eric Byres spoke on the topic: Securing Past, Present and Future SCADA and Smart Grid Technologies


This topic covered the following:


-    Understand the issues faced in managing and securing systems containing legacy assets
-    Develop proven successful strategies to secure systems as they age
-    Learn how to plan in long term security as part of your purchasing and deployment process
-    Learn step by step methods to install multi layered solutions to build the most secure system possible within your budget

Conference Overview

Taken from the conference website:

Develop strategies to protect your cyber assets, achieve economic compliance and implement technological solutions.


Attend the inaugural Cyber Security for Energy Delivery Conference to meet major utilities, key government agencies and specialist solution providers from across North America. This is set to be the premium cyber security event.


A focused AGENDA for 2011: Focuses on the issues and challenges at the heart of ensuring long term and economic security and compliance:

  • NERC CIP compliance: An in-depth look at the latest version of NERC CIP to develop an economic strategy to maintain compliance.

  • Standards and Regulations: Establish a forward thinking plan to secure and comply; discussing future developments within the regulations.

  • Mitigating the Threat: Understand the potential threats and how to mitigate. Including an in-depth look at STUXNET.

  • Risk Management: Build effective strategies to increase resiliency, improve response time and enhance overall system robustness.

  • Protecting an open system:  Cross-functional strategies to protect your connections, embedded devices and process systems.

  • Integrating Operational and Information Technology: Learn techniques to overlay new technology onto real time and legacy systems. Build strategies to economically handle future advances.


The Cyber Security for Energy Delivery Conference