Belden Delivers Groundbreaking Cyber Security Solution for Energy Sector

Tofino Xenon Security Appliance Release 3.2

As communication systems become highly interconnected, the potential of network threats increases, making cybersecurity a core focus for industrial businesses. Upgrading networks to ensure overall system security and meet industry standards – such as IEC 61850 – is critical for attach prevention and smooth operation.


Teams need network equipment that supports strong security features and optimizes system communication. The new Tofino Xenon Release 3.2 gives you easy-to-use DPI technology that can be seamlessly integrated with existing networks. The new release brings better scalability to industrial communication and gives a holistic view of network security, packet deployment and project maintenance from a central location. This saves time, energy and costs so teams can focus on programming networks for quick and successful distribution of messages. 


The robust security features and threat detection capabilities reflected in the new Tofino Xenon release offers improved identification and mitigation of potential attacks, misuses or misconfigurations through communication systems, including benign packet streams.


  • Protection of critical infrastructure through compliance with industry standards, IEC 61850 and GOOSE
  • Increased uptime and time savings with ease-of-use features and integration with Tofino Security and Tripwire solutions
  • Efficient management of large deployments from a central location with enhanced product scalability and network oversight

Download Product Bulletin of Tofino Xenon Security Appliance
Download Product Bulletin of Tofino Xenon GOOSE Enforcer LSM

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