AIIC - Seminar on Cyber Security

Milano, Lombardia, Italy
October 24, 2011

Tofino Security Speaker:
Eric Byres, CTO and VP Engineering

Eric Byres spoke on the topic: SCADA Control System Security in CIP in a Post-Stuxnet World

Presentation Slides

Download Eric's slides from the seminar:

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PDF SCADA and CIP Security in a Post-Stuxnet World Oct 2011 (4MB)


Eric Byres giving his presentation


Eric Byres with Enzo M. Tieghi

Seminar Overview

Taken from the LinkedIn event page:

IACI, in the wake of the regular meetings of discussions called "Colloquia," organized for the first time in Milan, a meeting on the Cyber ​​Security for Critical Infrastructure Protection, and entrusts the handling expert Eric Byres, whose speech is titled "SCADA and Control System Security in the CIP in Post-World Stuxnet. Followed by a session of discussion and debate on the most effective strategies for protecting networks and systems in industry and infrastructure."

Colloquia on Critical Infrastructure (Italian)