2011 Honeywell Users Group Americas Symposium

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
June 12 - 16, 2011

Tofino Security Speaker:
Eric Byres, CTO

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Special Interests Session, Wildflower A

Topic: How Stuxnet Spreads – A Study of Infection Paths In Best Practice Systems

Control System Security in a Post-Stuxnet World
The Stuxnet worm was a game changer for the SCADA and Industrial Automation industries. For the first time ever, engineering and security professionals (and the bad guys) got to look into workings of a worm designed to destroy industrial processes. Unfortunately, Stuxnet will probably not be the last worm of this type, and the next worm might not be so focused. Clearly industry needs strategies to protect against the "Son-of-Stuxnet” when it arrives. In this talk we look at what Stuxnet can tell us about the overall connectivity, reliability and safety of process control and SCADA systems. We will discuss possible defenses against future attacks. We will also explore what safeguards are realistic within the constraints of keeping critical industrial processes both safe and productive.

Conference Overview

Whether you are considering implementing Honeywell solutions, wish to harness the capabilities of your current assets or want to optimize operations with advanced applications, Honeywell Users Group provides an unsurpassed forum for you to gain the knowledge and tools needed to meet your objectives.

Here is a sample of titles or functions that attend:

  • Plant or Mill Management, VP Manufacturing
  • Quality or Reliability Managers and Engineers
  • Control Systems Managers and Engineers
  • Safety and Security Management
  • Production Operators and Supervisors
  • Engineering Firms, Systems Integrators and EPCs
  • Instrumentation Superintendent, Managers, Engineers and Technicians
  • Information Technology (IT) and Control Systems Security

2011 Honeywell Users Group Americas Symposium

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Interview - Eric Byres and Walt Boyes