September 2013

Enough Clucking – Start Fixing the SCADA Security Problem

In a recent blog article – Chicken, Egg, and Chicken Omelette with Salsa – Dale Peterson is squawking like a rooster. Nothing new, but this time his message is scrambled. He once again referred to me as a SCADA Apologist, though this time he also labeled me the “salsa” that accompanies a chicken omelette.

Project SHINE: 1,000,000 Internet-Connected SCADA and ICS Systems and Counting

Eric Byres: One of the statements I continue to hear as I talk to executives, managers and engineers is "None of our SCADA or ICS equipment is accessible from the Internet." So this week’s blog contributor, Bob Radvanovsky, of, explains Project SHINE – his effort to determine if this statement is fact or fiction.

Shining a Light on a Big Problem

By Bob Radvanovsky