June 2013

Secure Industrial Networks with the Right Tools

Improving the cyber security of industrial networks is a challenge you may be facing.

On the one hand your manufacturing processes probably use devices such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and DCS (distributed control systems) that were designed with a focus on reliability and safety rather than security. On the other hand your industrial networks are already, or soon will be, connected to your company’s enterprise networks and migrated to Ethernet.

Securing Offshore O&G Platforms - Advanced Threats need Advanced Firewalls

One of the industries major oil and gas trade shows, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) was held last month. Belden and Tofino Security had a very busy booth there, as both safety and security were hot topics with attendees. It is good to see that security is finally making the list of corporate priorities.

Now when engineers look at security, a topic they should know about is Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and why offshore networks need to use it if they want to be secure.