April 2013

Making Patching Work for SCADA and ICS Security

If you have read my previous blogs on patching for control system security, you might think I am completely against patching. Guess what? I’m not against them!

Securing SCADA Systems: Why Choose Compensating Controls?

In my last blog, I shared some secrets on how to successfully use patching in SCADA and control systems.

This week, I’ll look at the pros and cons of using compensating controls as an alternative to patching, and discuss the requirements for success.

SCADA Cyber Security: An International Issue

Three years ago, the concept of industrial cyber security became a popular discussion topic within the industrial networking community. Now the discussion has risen to the level of heads of state within the international community. The Executive Order – Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity signed by President Obama in February of this year is just one indication of the importance being attached to this issue.