January 2013

SCADA Security Zeitgeist 2012

Google gave interviews over the holidays discussing the top searches done by people in various countries in 2012 (Google Zeitgeist 2012). “Zeitgeist” is “spirit of the age or spirit of the time” and it is interesting to see that for the U.S. the top search for the year was for Whitney Houston, while in Germany it was for EM12 (European football championships) and in Australia it was for Gangnam Style.

Digital Bond Testing Proves Tofino Hardens Vulnerable SCADA Protocols

The SCADA Security Scientific Symposium (S4), put on by Digital Bond every year, is an event I look forward to. It brings together the leading researchers and thinkers on ICS security and is always exciting.

SCADA Security Directions 2013

January is the Cruelest Month

“Rip and Replace” Approach to SCADA Security is Unrealistic

As a reader of this blog you likely don’t need to be convinced that SCADA and ICS Security need to be greatly improved. There are several ways to go about accomplishing that, and I am glad that there is a healthy dialogue underway on this topic within the industrial security community. This includes the back and forth between myself and Dale Peterson of Digital Bond, that continues with this article.