January 2012

Sous-vide Cooking turns SCADA Engineer into Gourmet Chef

After suggesting a sous-vide oven as a gift idea for control engineers, I was looking forward to designing my own homemade system from PLC parts over the holidays.  However, my project never got off the ground as my wife Joann gave me the real thing.  (Perhaps she couldn’t stand the thought of having my home-built electronics in the kitchen…)

Industrial Data Compromise – the New Business Risk

Today is the day that Tofino Security is announcing that I have joined their team.  I am very excited about this, particularly because I believe that industrial cyber security is the next major impactful technology to hit the automation industries.

I am also excited to be joining Eric and Joann Byres and their group; people I have high regard for, as I believe Tofino Security technology is poised to lead the way in protecting the critical infrastructure industries.

S4 SCADA Security Symposium Takeaway: Time for a Revolution

 I am flying home from Digital Bond’s S4 SCADA Security Symposium as I write this (BTW this was a stellar event where, even as a security expert, I learnt an amazing amount).  After listening to two days of excellent, but scary talks, the first thing that comes to mind is “SCADA/ICS security is in worse shape than I thought”. Much worse shape…

SCADA Security 2012 Crystal Ball

The Oscar season is upon us and instead of predicting who will win Academy Awards I am writing today to talk about what I see in my “Crystal Ball” for 2012.