February 2011

Stuxnet: Staying Ahead of the Bad Guys

Last week I had the chance to attend a very interesting seminar at the Stanford Research Institute called the DHS/SRI Infosec Technology Transition Council Meeting (ITTC). It wasn’t focused on SCADA or ICS or even Stuxnet, yet some of the talks had a lot of applicability to the control systems world.

A Nasty New World of Cyber Threats for ICS and SCADA Security

February has not been a good month for ICS and SCADA security, at least not if you want to feel secure.

The Many Paths of Stuxnet – How Robust are Today’s Best Practice Systems?

Over the past four months, Joel Langill, Andrew Ginter and I have been working on a really cool research project. We have been investigating how Stuxnet would infect an industrial site protected by a “high security architecture.”