Directions to Byres Security

Byres Security is located in beautiful Lantzville, British Columbia, Canada.  The closest large city is Vancouver, B.C. (YVR), which is on the west coast mainland of Canada.

From Vancouver, you cross a body of water (the Strait of Georgia) to get to Vancouver Island.  Vancouver Island is large, about 480km or 250 miles long by 80km or 50 miles wide.  Lantzville is located on the east side of Vancouver Island,  just north of a mid-size town called Nanaimo.


Lantzville/Nanaimo is just 23km (14 miles) from Vancouver but the trip is significant because of having to cross the Strait of Georgia.

Vancouver to Lantzville by car and ferry - great if you have time

From Vancouver Airport, you can rent a car and drive to West Vancouver, take a ferry to Nanaimo, then drive to Lantzville.  This trip takes 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on the traffic situation in Vancouver and how well your schedule fits with the ferry schedule.  It is a very scenic trip, but can be time intensive.

Check the ferry schedule, go to Schedules, Mainland-Vancouver Island, West Van - Nanaimo schedule (also called Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay)

Vancouver to Lantzville by seaplane

From Vancouver Airport (YVR) you can fly to Nanaimo Harbour on a seaplane. This trip is also very scenic and a lot of fun. There are two seaplane services:

Once you arrive at the main Vancouver Airport terminal, you will have to go to the south terminal at the airport to catch the seaplane. It will take about 20 minutes for a taxi ride from the main Vancouver Airport terminal to the south terminal.

Visitors arriving from outside of Canada will have to clear Canada Customs at the Vancouver Airport before proceeding to the south terminal, so you should probably allow 60-90 minutes between your arrival time in Vancouver and departure time on the seaplane. The same amount of time should be allowed on the return trip.

Vancouver to Lantzville by regular airplane

Alternatively you can fly to Nanaimo  (YCD) directly from Vancouver Airport (YVR).

Local accommodation

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