Securing Industry from Cyber Threats

Securing Industry from Cyber Threats


October 2008

Eric Byres, CTO of Byres Security, describes how the Tofino™ Industrial Security Solution protects SCADA and industrial control systems from threats that penetrate or bypass IT firewalls.  Watch this video to learn:

  • about industrial cyber security threats

  • why IT firewalls are not sufficient

  • what approach to industrial security Honeywell recommends

  • how to meet industrial security standards using Tofino   

0:05  About industrial cyber threats - Industrial outages from cyber events cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.   

0:47  Why IT firewalls are not sufficient - Malware enters plants by secondary pathways. Good security requires Defense in Depth.    

1:44  About Honeywell's approach to industry security - Kevin Staggs, Global Security Architect, Honeywell Process Solutions, explains their decision to use Tofino technology in the Honeywell Modbus TCP Firewall.     

2:13  The advantages of the Tofino Industrial Security Solution - Defence in Depth; implemented without plant downtime; easy to configure by control engineers; designed for industrial protocols; and Tofino helps meet all industrial standards.   

3:38  Why Tofino is more effective than IT firewalls - Tofino protects better, is easier to install, is easier to use and requires no downtime.