Tofino OPC Enforcer:
Breakthrough Security for SCADA Systems

Robust security for systems using OPC

What is OPC Classic?

  • OPC is a set of standards for Open Connectivity amongst industrial automation devices

  • OPC Classic is the world’s most widely used industrial integration protocol

  • Visit the OPC Foundation website for more info

What does the Tofino OPC Enforcer do?

  • It provides robust security and stability for systems using OPC Classic

  • The product inspects, tracks and secures every connection made by an OPC application and only opens the exact TCP ports required

  • No system changes and no plant downtime are required for implementation

  • Tofino OPC Enforcer product details

What is the Tofino Industrial Security Solution?

  • One or more security appliances that are configured with firewall software and other modules such as the Tofino OPC Enforcer

  • It protects groups of PLCs, DCS, RTUs, and HMIs that have similar security needs

  • It secures critical infrastructure from external cyber threats and internal network incidents

  • About the Tofino Industrial Security Solution

  • About Tofino Security

The Tofino Security Appliance line-up:

NEW OPC White Paper

“Securing Your OPC Classic Control System” by Eric Byres, security expert and CTO of Tofino Security, and Darek Kominek, Manager, OPC Marketing, MatrikonOPC.

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The Tofino OPC Enforcer is part of the following Tofino product lines:


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